This one is about the mess and magic of falling for a friend. It's that classic 'don't fall for a friend' rule, shattered.

This one dives into a girl's secret crush on her guy friend. It's a raw look at how she breaks her own rule of not falling for a friend. She hides her feelings, pretending she's not into him, while her heart screams otherwise.

It's about the little things he does that make her fall harder, and her struggle to keep herself in check. This story isn't just about love; it's about the fear of losing a friend at the risk of gaining a partner, and the pain of holding back.

The Risk of 'Us'

My one rule was not to fall for a friend,
But everything about you brings me to this end.
I've always been a rule follower, keeping secrets deep,
Pretending I'm not smitten, like my heart's mine to keep.

There's something in you that I can't even try and ignore,
It's not even about 'us' or what the future might have in store.
Like the way your eyes sparkle with care,
Buying thoughtful gifts, as if money's no affair.

How you lounge, books in hand, with a blanket made for two,
Gosh, how could someone not fall for you!
Sometimes you mess up, but you always try,
You were (probably) always the one, even though you weren't the 'right guy'.

Every time you're lost in thought, you scratch your head,
But months later, you still casually remember what I said.
The thought of me might have never lingered like that...
Like perfume in the air...
Like those dimples when you smile,
...and I memorize it like a prayer.

I love listening to you, yet in silence, I'm content,
Overthinking is like my job, but for you, I'd relent.
If rules were made of glass, mine's shattered and gone,
But I'll forever be silent, fearing a heartbreak at dawn...