Hey Kid,

You’re not even here yet, and the world’s already got plans for you. Plans on how to walk, talk, and act like a 'man'. But let's shred that and start fresh, shall we?

The Ego Trip

Forget the guy with bulging biceps, ready to save the world. Yeah, that's movie stuff. Real life? It's about battling the day-to-day, the unseen struggles. Real strength is about squaring up to your insecurities, supporting your partner’s dreams without getting your ego twisted, and knowing when to stand up for her —even if it’s not the popular choice.

Being a gentleman means letting yourself mess up.

Yep, you heard me. I mean, royally screwing up, then learning from it. It's not about being perfect; it's about being real, being human. You’ll fall, scrape your knees, maybe your heart too. But each time, you’ll learn something new, something important.

The Myth of Muscle

Sometimes, being a man means standing up for the underdog, even if it's not the 'manly' thing to do. It’s about making choices, sometimes tough ones, that might go against the grain. It’s about integrity.

This world, it’s obsessed with this 'alpha male' narrative. You’ll see a lot about being the 'alpha' and leading the pack. But here's the inside scoop: true alphas? They're the ones listening, not just waiting for their turn to argue. They own their mistakes, learn from them, and then, they do better.

Alpha or not, vulnerability isn’t weakness; it’s your greatest strength.

What Real Love Really Looks Like

Movies, songs, they've all got it wrong about love, kid. Love isn't grand gestures or epic declarations on one knee. It's the quiet moments, the shared sobs, the burnt dinners, and the inside jokes. It's about finding that person who's just as weird as you are, sticking with them and saying, 'Yep, this is my kind of weird'.

The real 'Gentleman's Code' is raw, real, and right to the point. Show everyone respect from the janitor to the CEO - it's not about who earns what, it's about recognizing we've all got our fights. Stay grounded - the world doesn’t owe you a thing. Work for everything, expect nothing, and appreciate everything. Own your mistakes - you’re not perfect. No one is. Own up to your mistakes, learn from them, and do better. And when you fight, fight fair - stand up for what’s right, even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard.

Kid, being a gentleman in this world is about more than opening doors and pulling out chairs.

It’s about integrity, humility, and respect. It’s about knowing who you are and what you stand for. And in a world that’s constantly trying to tell you how to be, that’s the real battle. So here’s to the fights you’ll fight, the ones you’ll love, and the life you’ll live.

Make it count...like I've always tried to.

With all the love and hope in the world,
Your Dad To Be