This one about an unlikely poet whose silence blooms into poetry after he stumbles into finding love.

'The Silent Stir' is about finding a voice with the help of someone who understands the quiet.

The (unlikely) poet writes about a muse who has opened a world of feelings he never knew he could ever experience...

It's a quiet tribute to those who inspire us to find our voice amidst the world's cacophony. This one is about how the 'right one' can turn silence into art.

The Silent Stir

Poets with passion at the tip of their quills,
None could script the silence you gently fill.
Yet here I am, beyond all words, can't you see?
I'm quiet and reserved, and you've unlocked me.
I've left many verses unsaid, lost in my silent fears,
Blank pages in dimly lit rooms, soaked with unshed tears.
I was never one to write, but now verses flow so free,
In secret sonnets penned at night, every line you inspire in me.

I've struggled with words, stolen glances, or reaching out,
But my poems know you deeply, in every shadow of doubt.
Like soft whispers cradle our dreams in the still of the night,
Your love calms the storms that keep my muses from flight.

Because you're a chapter I'd never want to close,
I'd plead with fate for more pages, even if we were to be friends, I suppose.
So here I stand, pen in hand, confessing in art,
That I can't be 'just friends' with one who's stolen my heart.

As my words dance, blissfully unaware,
Of the verses that emerge, so raw, so bare,
As I pen your essence, secretly in rhyme,
You've turned me into a poet, I guess just in time!