In a world of missed connections, a poet stands haunted by the idea of love that feels so out of his reach...

In this one, the poet grapples with the reality of a love that's felt but not seen. It's a journey through the chaos of his thoughts, a search for the one who's meant to fill the void in his life.

Time ticks on, and he's caught between what was and what might be, shaping himself into the person he hopes will be worthy of that long-awaited reunion.

This poem is his message in a bottle, thrown into the unknown, a desperate call to find the missing piece of his soul. It's a story of love that's not just about the bliss of togetherness but also the agony of separation and the courage to keep believing in a love that's yet to be.

Waiting for You

In a world where you're absent, I'm left to ponder,
Wondering if I'll be drained, when you finally wander.
Fearing that in my fatigue, I'll walk right by,
Cursing my existence, under the dark grey sky.

Did your failed attempts at love breed fear of attachment?
Worried that the wrong man might cause detachment,
That he'll hurt you too much, making you lose faith,
In the love we were meant to kindle with each breath.

Where the hell are you, my missing piece?
You left me solo, seeking some goddamn release.
This wasn't our plan! I'm like a bazillion years old,
We were meant to find each other sooner, to have and to hold.

Now here I am, writing verses for a ghost,
For someone I once knew (maybe), now just a distant coast.
How does that work, who mistook you for me?
I've been striving hard, to be all I can be.

The feats I've achieved, time made them possible,
But where the hell are you, my dreams now seem impossible.
You turned me into a poet, with welcoming signs,
Using words to tip-toe love's tricky lines.

Who are you with, who did you become?
I've been scared this wait would make my heart go numb.
You left me in the future, but you may have been in my past,
Now I'm filled with questions, but you're nowhere to be asked.

Are you happy, are you loved, do you miss me, is that still true?
Are you your better version, am I still a soulmate to you?
And if you forgot me, who replaced me in your mind?
Who was so captivating, you left our destiny behind?

And if one day you read this, if memories flood back,
Hi, my name's Saikat, let's get our story back on track...