This one leaves us hanging in a sea of mixed signals in the early stages of a prospective relationship, where hope & doubt crash into each other.

This one hits right in the feels of a guy caught in the whirlwind of falling helplessly for a girl. It's a raw look at the mess & magic of maybe falling in love, where nothing's sure but everything feels right.

Through his words, we get a peek into the crazy ride of liking someone when you're not sure where you stand.

It's that shaky ground before going 'official', where every little thing she does feels like a sign. He is stuck in a limbo, trying to figure out if she's into him too, while playing it 'cool'. It's all about those moments of 'what if' and 'maybe' where he's half in, half out & totally unsure.

The Edge of Maybe

Why would you ever pick a guy like me?
I'm sorry, I mean, I hope you can't see,
I'm torn between being me & wearing a mask,
Uncertain of what you'll find, or what might come to pass.
Maybe I'm still falling, but I keep it hushed,
I'm sorry, I mean, what if I'm the tale you wish was untouched?

Your smile's still the first thing I long for when joy comes my way,
Your love, the first I seek when bruises appear, night or day.
They say it means something, but what, I can't decode,
Romance novels skip these parts, you know..the behind-the-scenes road..

Do you ever feel this way, with thoughts you wish I knew?
Does your smile change for me? The one that melts me, if only you knew..
You're the first I want to tell a joke, just to hear your laughter,
For it heals my broken pieces, in moments thereafter.

We're approaching the climax, the peak of our plot,
Well, here are my flaws bare, whether you like it or not!
There were words I yearned to speak back then,
Like, am I the door you regret ever letting open?

I'm sorry, I mean, people have left scars,
Some of these wounds are (probably) visible from Mars!
I'm sorry, I mean, I'm still healing, long before you came,
People wounded me, guess I gave them a fair aim...

I'm still plucking thorns from my core,
If you're curious about my pangs, I'm unsure where to explore...
So, if you had the choice, to be with anyone, anywhere?
Would you still stand by me, knowing I'm a li'l threadbare?