This one delves into the perspective of a man caught in the web of a situationship.

Situationships blur lines, leaving hearts in limbo. Here, men aren't just players enjoying the game; they're caught in the emotional whirlwind too. This one cracks open the myth, showing a man's side of the story—a side often silenced by stereotypes. Through his eyes, we see the raw, tangled feelings hidden beneath casual flings. It's not just about fleeting moments but the deep, unvoiced wish for more.

Tangled Chords

I didn't love you, I just loved to play guitar,
It wasn't really a big deal, strumming for you under the stars...

We never even dated, of course we were just 'hanging out'!
It's not like you're the woman I told all my friends about.

I didn't love you, I just lived down the street,
If 'down the street' was an hour in Delhi traffic, with my heart skipping beats.

I didn't love you, I just wanted to explore,
But in the dimly lit music room, my favorite tune was yours...
I mean, no! The chords! The rhythm! The bass!
I didn't even love you - it was always a pointless chase.

I didn't seek 'us'! You were under the weather & I cooked you a meal,
It's just that I also yearned to be the comfort you'd feel...

I didn't love you, obviously! Why would I pretend!
You just made me a better man, even if I was 'just a friend'.

Being together wasn't my plan. Yeah, it all turned out alright.
For this heartbreak fuels songs in the quiet of the night.
A love story 'without labels' is every writer's delight...