Living down the hall from parents to shifting a couple of thousand miles away has become a part of most of our lives. Things like career and college separate us from our families more than ever.

For most mothers, there comes a time in life when they have to learn to love their children from a distance. Torn between the instinct to hold on and will to let go, they selflessly egg on their kids to move out and chase their dreams.

Check out this poem about the pain of parting:

Whispers At The Gate

Amidst the bustling airport's hurried pace,

A mother's tearful smile conceals her grace.

Her son departs, their futures set to soar,

Yet in her heart, a longing evermore.

He leaves their small town for the city's gleam,

To chase his dreams and live the youthful dream.

He ventures forth with hopes of bright tomorrows,

But in her soul, she's chained by silent sorrows.

A future stretches out, both vast and wild,

As memories of childhood, like a child,

They chase the echoes of his laughter, gone,

Yet through the distance, love lingers on.

With every step he takes, her heartstrings tug,

While silently, she prays, her arms unplug.

In hopes he'll turn around, just one last glance,

Before he leaves, in this uncertain dance.

She knows their love transcends time and space,

A never-ending bond, a warm embrace.

In every corner of the world, he'll find,

Her love, a beacon in his heart enshrined.

A mother's love, a force that never tires,

Through miles and years, it endlessly inspires.

Though he's now far from where his journey's start,

She'll keep him close, forever in her heart.