Breakup playlist are the Tiger Balm for the pain of heartbreak

Breakups are weird. They are the equivalent of wanking off a pen-drive without 'safely removing USB'. But here the system is the world, and the pen-drive is your life.

Remember how you'd end up with 'bad sectors' & 'corrupted files' if you wanked off the USB drive without warning multiple times? Welcome to your life's 'bad sector' with months, sometimes years worth volumes of 'corrupted files'. Suddenly you don't know how to live anymore, your 'root directory' is at stake.

You know what that means? System crash.

A system crash is when you forget how to live life. You miss the plot.

Every person reacts to the crash differently - some stuff chocolate chip cookies & guzzle wine every living minute, others hit the gym like a maniac and get ripped.

Next comes 'LOSE', aka Lack Of Self Esteem. This is when you hit rock-bottom, and you're ready to do ANYTHING to get your boo back. I mean ANYTHING. Doesn't matter what the breakup was about, cause you desparate, you dirty, and you dabble in midnight messaging ("baby, take me back!").

The third stage is Rage Engage, i.e. your sadness turns into delusional anger. You convince yourself breakups aren't bad. You hate all exes, you don't want anything to do with exes, you won't even watch an next X-Men movie. This is also when some 'basic bitches' (sic) and 'hoe bros' (sic) fall for The Rebound.

But if you are able to hop skip over that, you'll reach the final stage - Mellow Melancholy, i.e. when you're exhausted of drowning, and sinking. You accept the heartbreak.

At this stage, your life needs a technician.

Enter, Breakup Playlists.

Breakup playlists help with much-needed catharsis. In the iconic words of Sgt. Terry Jeffords and Detective Charles Boyle from Brooklyn Nine-Nine -

“You need to embrace the pain so you can get through it. You need catharsis. You need to cathart. Cathart your brains out..Cathart all over the place!”

Sample this...

Poetry in motion, right? On lonely nights, while scrolling old photos, nothing better expresses our unsaid regrets than the words 'bin bole baatein tumse karun, agar tum saath ho'.

Lines like these help you cathart. The verses will soothe your soul, acting like the 'Tiger Balm' balm for pain of your heartbreak. Put this song on repeat, and don't worry if you bawl your eyes out.

Welcome to the club.

Our Breakup Playlist for your catharsis:

If you've suffered a heartbreak, whatever the reason, we empathise with you. Just remember, you're enough, a hundred times enough. And you'll most definately emerge stronger. After all, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

If nothing else, you'll come out of the experience with a new-found empathy for USB drives. And always 'safely' remove them.