'Preme Pora Baron' delves into the complexities of love, particularly when it is forbidden.

This soul-stirring track from the movie Sweater comes with a twist - a disclaimer that says you can't fall in love. But let us tell you, this musical masterpiece is woven in such a way that it will make your heart skip a beat and leave you helplessly captivated.

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As the song begins, a tender melody fills the air, instantly transporting us to a world where emotions run deep and love defies all boundaries. Lagnajita Chakraborty's mesmerizing voice takes center stage, delicately weaving the tale of forbidden love. The gentle strumming of the guitar and the haunting melodies create a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere that sets the mood for the entire track.

'Preme Pora Baron' delves into the complexities of love, particularly when it is forbidden. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of yearning, longing, and the intense emotions that arise when two hearts are unable to unite. Lagnajita's soulful rendition beautifully captures the pain, passion, and vulnerability that come with this profound connection.

The song's poetic verses evoke a sense of longing and desire, leaving listeners lost in a sea of emotions.

Each line unfolds like a chapter of a forbidden love story, revealing the depth of the protagonist's feelings. It's as if the lyrics were penned straight from the heart, resonating with anyone who has experienced the exhilaration and anguish of love against all odds.

At its core, 'Preme Pora Baron' explores the timeless theme of forbidden love. It takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, reminding us of the intense yearning and the irresistible pull of attraction. The song captures the inherent contradictions of love - the simultaneous joy and pain, the pleasure and anguish that coexist in the realm of forbidden romance.

The mood of the track is both nostalgic and romantic, with a touch of melancholy. It transports us to a place where emotions are heightened, and the heart's desires outweigh the constraints of societal norms. Through its haunting melodies and evocative lyrics, 'Preme Pora Baron' creates an atmosphere that envelops the listener, making us feel as if we are experiencing the journey of forbidden love ourselves.

'Preme Pora Baron' is a musical gem that transcends boundaries and captures the essence of forbidden love.

There were a few phrases in the song that really caught our attention. One of them was about holding onto fingers instead of hands. It made us imagine scenarios like making innocent pinky promises to stay together or walking hand-in-hand with a loved one in the early stages of a blossoming relationship. Holding fingers represents a tender connection, while holding hands suggests a deeper commitment and a longer-term relationship.

Another striking analogy in the song is the portrayal of memories as scattered petals around a tree. The tree symbolizes our life, while the petals represent cherished memories of a past spring. It's like preserving a precious petal or leaf in a book to remember a beautiful spring or autumn afternoon and later sharing those moments with someone special.

Whether you're a fan of soul-stirring melodies, captivating lyrics, or simply a lover of music that evokes emotions, 'Preme Pora Baron' is a must-listen.


প্রেমে পড়া বারণ, কারণে অকারণ
আঙুলে আঙ্গুল রাখলেও হাত ধরা বারণ।
It seems like I am forbidden to fall in love and there is no reason why
I can entangle my fingers around yours, but I am not allowed to hold hands

Meaning: After years of rejection and loneliness I realize that I probably do not have the luxury of falling in love or being in love or being loved. I have to accept this as my destiny. I can probably entwine my fingers around yours but I cannot expect a commitment or hope that we can keep each other company for long.

তোমায় যত গল্প বলার ছিলো,
সব পাঁপড়ি হয়ে গাছের পাশে, ছড়িয়ে রয়ে ছিলো।
দাওনি তুমি আমায় সে সব,
কুড়িয়ে নেওয়ার কোনো কারন।

প্রেমে পড়া বারণ, কারণে অকারণ
ওই ময় চোখে চোখ রাখলেও,
ফিরে তাকানো বারণ।

All my stories that I wanted to share with you
Like petals, they remained, scattered all around the tree
You did not give me any reason to collect them (from the ground)
It seems like I am forbidden to fall in love and there is no reason why
I can gaze at your mesmerizing eyes, perhaps, for a few moments,
but I am not allowed to look back into them again

Interpretation: I wanted to open up my heart to you, share stories scattered throughout my past (the petals), happy and sad, moments that I cherish, difficult times, my childhood, my dreams, everything that make me who I am, so you can know me the way I know myself. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to share any of that with you.

It could be anger – because I felt like you were never interested. Our relationship was all about you, and there was no room in it for my present, let alone my past or our future.

Or it could be separation – because I know we cannot be together for long and there isn’t enough time to share everything I wanted to, with you.
So even though I like the idea of being with you, I cannot allow myself to be trapped in this relationship, so I will do everything I can to not be tempted to return to you.

শূন্যে ভাসি রাত্রি এখনো গুনি,
তোমার আমার নৌকা বাওয়ার,
শব্দ এখনো শুনি
তাই মুখ লুকিয়ে, ঠোঁট ফুলিয়ে
বসন্তের এই স্মৃতিচারণ।

I float into nothingness, still counting the nights
I can still hear the sound of the oars from when we used to row our boat
And that is why I hide my face and pout when I reminisce the days of spring (cheerful moments)
It seems like I am forbidden to fall in love and there is no reason why
And even if I miss you today, I am not allowed to remember you.

Interpretation: The reason I appear to be sulking and sad all the time is not by choice, but because I am still trying to get over the fact that we cannot be together. However, it is hard to do that when I spend my moments alone thinking about our time together and even the happy moments (spring) in my life make me sad when I realize you are not and you will never be a part of them. So even though I miss you terribly every day, I cannot allow myself to spend my days wrapped up in your memories.

Song Credits:

  • Singer - Lagnajita Chakraborty
  • Music composer - Ranajoy Bhattacharjee
  • Lyrics - Ranajoy Bhattacharjee
  • Music production - Ranajoy Bhattacharjee
  • Guitar - Raja Chowdhury
  • Violin - Rohan Roy
  • Recorded by Neel Basu at Sonic Solution Studio
  • Mixing and mastering - Anirban Ganguly