Husn speaks to moments of silent realization, where the depth of one’s feelings becomes painfully apparent.

In 'Husn', Anuv Jain walks us through a story steeped in emotions, nuanced by love and longing. It's about unrequited love & situationships, the kind that lingers in our hearts.

Husn speaks to moments of silent realization, where the depth of one’s feelings becomes painfully apparent.

'Husn' doesn't shy away from baring the complexities of love. It's not about the joyous unions; it's about the silent battles, the internal chaos, and the poignant beauty of love that's felt deeply but remains unexpressed.

The Mood: An Intimate Conversation

The song’s mood is like an intimate conversation, one that’s both personal and universal. The music is subtle yet stirring, creating an atmosphere that's introspective and melancholic.

"Dekho dekho kaisi baatein yahan ki, hai saath par hai saath na bhi" (Look what tales are here, is together but not together too) – these lines capture the paradox of being together yet apart, a common theme in relationships where physical presence doesn't always equate to emotional connection.

In the bridge, "Mere husn ke ilaava, Kabhi dil bhi maang lo na" (Apart from my beauty, ask for my heart too), the song touches on a desire for emotional depth.

It’s a plea for love that sees beyond the superficial.

At its core, "Husn" is about the silent language of the heart – the looks, the sighs, and the unspoken words that say everything without making a sound. "Kya itni aasaan hai, dekho dekho jaise mere iraade, waise kahan tere yahan the" (Is it that easy, look look like my intentions, where were they like this here with you).

'Husn' resonates because it tells a tale that's painfully familiar – the story of love that's deep yet distant, present yet incomplete. Anuv Jain's rendition is an experience – a journey through the nuances of unrequited love and the longing for something more profound.

In 'Husn', we find a piece that's not just melodically pleasing but emotionally stirring. It's a song that stays with you, echoing the sentiments of those who have loved, longed, and found themselves lost in unfulfilled emotions.


Haan, haan

Yes, yes

Verse 1
Dekho, dekho, kaisi baatein yahaan ki

Look, look, what tales are here
Hain saath par hain saath na bhi
Together yet not together
Kya itni aasaan hain?
Is it that easy?
Dekho, dekho, jaise mere iraade
Look, look, as are my intentions
Vaise kahan tere yahaan the
Where were they like this with you?
Haan, kitni nadaan main
Yes, how naive I am

Mere husn ke ilaawa kabhi dil bhi maang lo na

Beyond my beauty, ask for my heart too
Haye, pal mein main pighal jaaun, haan
Oh, I melt in a moment, yes
Abh aisa na karo ke dil jud naa paaye vaapis
Now don't do this so the heart can't join back
Teri baaton se bikhar jaaun, haan
I scatter from your words, yes

Verse 2
Maana zamana hai deewana

I agree, the world is crazy
Isiliye tune na jaana
That's why you didn't know
Tere liye main kaafi hoon
I am enough for you
Dekho, dekho, yeh zamane se thak kar
Look, look, tired of the world
Aate ho kyun masoom ban kar?
Why do you come pretending to be innocent?
Tere liye main kya hi hoon? Haan
What am I for you? Yes

Phir aate kyun yahaan karne aankhon mein ho baarish?

Then why do you come here to make it rain in the eyes?
Abh aaye toh theher jao na
Now that you've come, stay a while
Aur puchho naa zara mеre din ke baare mеin bhi
And ask a bit about my day too
Bas itne mein sambhal jaaun, haan
Just with that, I will cope, yes

Audio Credits:

  • Music production - Angad Bahra, PUNA
  • Recorded, Mixed and Mastered - Angad Bahra (Uneven studios)
  • Dolby Mix - Mukul Jain (Ferris Wheel Studios)
  • Acoustic Guitars - Harsimran Singh Bhatia