"Din Te Raat" resonates because it speaks to a universal experience – the longing for a loved one.

From the very first line, 'Na Din Langan Na Raat Langan Tere' the song captures the essence of time standing still in the absence of a loved one. It paints a picture of days and nights blurring into a continuous loop of longing. There's a universal truth in these words – the slow, agonizing passage of time when one is consumed by thoughts of an absent love.

A Deep Dive into Heartache

"Ishq Ch Eich Na Saath Chalan Tere" speaks to the soul, the painful realization that love, sometimes, is a journey walked alone. It echoes the sentiment of unreciprocated feelings, a theme that resonates with anyone who has ever loved in vain.

The song delves into the pain of unrequited love – a theme that is timeless and universal. It’s about the love that is felt deeply but not returned, the kind of love that poets write about, and singers sing about. The song becomes a companion to those who have ever loved and not been loved back.

"Pyaar Diya Mulakatanu Bas, Dil Tarasan Teru Tadpan" delve into the paradox of love's meetings, where the heart craves the torment of unfulfilled love. It’s a testament to the bittersweet nature of loving someone from a distance, yearning for what cannot be.

The Melody - Bittersweet

The music of 'Din Te Raat' is bittersweet, one that perfectly complements its lyrics. The melody is brimming with sadness & hope, weaving a story that tugs at the heartstrings. It's the kind of tune that lingers long after the song has ended, echoing the enduring nature of love's ache.

The theme of love and separation is masterfully portrayed throughout the song. The lines "Kaise Jane Du Main Nazron Se Door, Aankhiyon Mein Rakh Loon Bana Ke Main Noor" reveal a deep-seated desire to hold onto the beloved, even if only in one's eyes or memories. It speaks to the human condition of clinging to the remnants of a love that is no longer present.

"Din Te Raat" resonates because it speaks to a universal experience – the longing for a loved one. This song captures that all-consuming feeling of missing someone who is integral to one’s existence. The lyrics, the melody, the entire composition encapsulates the feeling of an incomplete love story, a tale that many can relate to.


Na Din Langan Na Raat Langan Tere
Days and nights, they linger on
Ishq Ch Eich Na Saath Chalan Tere
In your love, there’s no moving on
Pyaar Diya Mulakatanu Bas
Just the meetings of affection
Dil Tarasan Teru Tadpan
Leave my heart in yearning, in your reflection.

Kidda Samjavaan Tainu
How do I explain to you
Pyardiyaan Raahan Vich Ve
The path of love, where it grew
Yaardiyaan Baanhaan Vich Ve
In the lanes of affection true
Sajan Je Saath Na Hove
If my beloved isn’t there, what do I do?

Loka De Taane Adaavi
Brushing off the world's scorn
Yaar Nu Gam Na Hove
My love should feel no mourn
Annkiyaan Vich Chehra Hove
In my eyes, your face does dwell
Je Hove Tera Hove
If it's yours, it's mine as well, isn't this tale so swell?

Kyun Na Karaan Das
Why not admit, my love for you
Pyaar Ve Mein Tere Naal
Life's beautiful, with you in view
Zindagi Haseen Bas
Just with you, my dear
Yaar Ek Tere Naal
But now tell me, are you near, or just a tear?

Kaise Jane Du Main Nazron Se Door
How do I let you drift away
Aankhiyon Mein Rakh Loon Bana Ke Main Noor
In my eyes, you’re the light of day
Saari Main Baatein Bas Tuhjse Karun
All I speak is of you, my dear

Jab Kalam Chalti Hai
When the pen moves
Tab Zakham Bhare Jaate Hain
It heals the wounds anew
Tab Alfaaz Dimaag Se Nahi
Words, not from mind but heart they flow
Dil Se Nikal Ke Aate Hai
Your memories still in my heart glow
Yaadein Teri Aaj Bhi
And our wounds.
Dil Mein Rehti Hai
Scattered across the pages they bloom

Audio Credits:

  • Singer - Fukra Insaan ft Kkartik Malhotra
  • Music & composer - JaKay
  • Lyrics -Jaykayy
  • Mix master - DrG